Custom Orders

Is your vision of the ultimate bass or guitar one that currently exists only in your dreams? Well, with ALEMBIC, your dreams can truly become reality, limited only by your imagination and budget! EVERY detail... Big or small... Be it body shape, neck dimensions and feel, scale length, # of strings, inlays, wood choices, component placement and tone-shaping capabilities - can be configured to your exact needs and specifications! And so it has been with ALEMBIC since they built their first instrument (for Jack Casady) back in 1972!

If you haven't yet checked it out, the custom archive on ALEMBIC'S website is a great place to view one-of-a-kind examples of ALEMBIC'S wish fulfillment for musicians the world over. And after drooling over these musical goodies, check out ALEMBIC'S custom quote generator and play around with some of your own ideas first hand.

But this is only the beginning - feel free to call me at 615-708-7783 to discuss any ideas or options you don't see on these two resources!